Fruit Packing/Orchard Workers – Western Australia

The Casotti Group recognises that our success and reputation is built upon the skill, dedication, and professionalism of our employees.

Should you be interested in applying for a position with the company please complete the relevant employment application forms for the particular orchard.


Download Blue Moon Orchard Application Form

Download Red Moon Orchard Application Form

Download East Wind Fruits Application Form

Download Karragullen Cool Storage Application Form

Employment Interest – Blue Moon Packing


For the Manjimup orchards you will need to follow this link to our Induction Site.

Your completed applications should be emailed as follows:

Manjimup Orchards – Jen Bader
Email: casuarinavalley@gmail.com

Bluemoon Orchards - Yvonne Kilmurray
Email: yvonne@bluemoonpack.com.au

Bluemoon Packing – Christine Holm
Email: bluemoonpacking@bigpond.com

Borabilla Orchard (Gingin) – Eric Guglielmana
Email: jakaranda1@bigpond.com

Karragullen Cool Storage – Sam Russo
Email: sam@karragullen.com.au