Fruit Packing/Orchard Workers – Western Australia

The Casotti Group recognises that our success and reputation is built upon the skill, dedication, and professionalism of our employees.

Should you be interested in applying for a position with the company please complete the relevant employment application forms for the particular orchard.

Download Bluemoon Orchard Application Form
Download Eastwind Fruits Application Form
Download Health & Medical Statement
Employment interest – Blue Moon Packaging

For the Manjimup orchards you will need to follow this link to our Induction Site.
Your completed applications should be emailed as follows:

Manjimup Orchards – Jen Bader
Email: casuarinavalley@gmail.com

Bluemoon Orchards – Meryl Giumelli
Email: meryl@bluewind.coau

Bluemoon Packing – Christine Holm
Email: bluemoonpacking@bigpond.com

Borabilla Orchard (Gin Gin) – Eric Guglielmana
Email: jakaranda1@bigpond.com

Karragullen Cool Storage – Sam Russo
Email: sam@karragullen.com.au